Writing Reflections- Day 16

For the rest of the month of September, I will be posting my responses from last year’s Writer Mama Back-to-School Giveaway both here, and on my Reflections page. This year’s response can be found on the Writer Mama Day 16 blog:  http://bit.ly/tfQpT

September 16, 2008- There’s some magic process that occurs when my pen hits the paper, or my fingers pound the keyboard. My writing comes from somewhere internal, not under the control of my conscious mind, and it is always a bit of a surprise to me when I read my own words on paper.

For me, the key to writing fiction is to let the characters drive the story, so I start with them first, based on real people, or some amalgam of their traits, craft a very loose plot, and then let them go and see what happens. So far, I’ve mostly stuck to flash fiction.

If I’ve learned one thing from writing these past two years, it is simply this. There are no special prizes for those lucky enough to be able to write final copy, or close to it, on their first attempt. When writing for specific calls for submissions, it is often my fourth or fifth take on a topic that is the one I’m most satisfied with. I like to think of my less than satisfactory attempts as just training ground for what I hope to write in the future!

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