Writing Reflections- Day 25

Continuing on this blog are re-postings of my last year’s responses to the Writer Mama’s Back-to-School Giveaway prompts. My response for this year can be read on the Writer Mama blog: http://bit.ly/31zu3h

September 25, 2008- There are two things that make my writing just flow so fast that my hand has trouble keeping up with my thoughts: inspiration and motivation.

Inspiration is totally not under my control. It comes from somewhere deep inside of me. A case in point. I was lying awake early this morning (at 4 a.m. to be precise) thinking of lots of things, not the least of which was that when I woke up in the morning, we would be taking our middle child down to college for the start of her freshman year. Suddenly, I got a great idea for a story that I had been trying to write for several weeks now. A second story came to me out of the blue, on the two hour drive down, as I gazed out the window at the farms and fields on the side of the road and let my mind wander.

Motivation is external, and is always in the form of a deadline. There’s something about having a time limit hanging over me that causes me to stop procrastinating and breaks through the writer’s block. When motivation and inspiration happily coincide, then watch out, I’m on fire!

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