Writing Reflections-Day 26

Continuing on this blog are re-postings of my last year’s responses to the Writer Mama’s Back-to-School Giveaway prompts. My response for this year can be read on the Writer Mama blog: http://bit.ly/Ezsh6

September 26, 2008- At this point in my fledgling writing career, querying skills haven’t really come into play so much, as all the writings I have submitted (48 to date) have been in response to an online call for submissions. So that’s easy enough: write the piece and fire it off using their preferred method for handling submissions.

Website submissions are pretty straightforward; not much room for creativity there. Email submissions (which comprise the majority) are much more fun. I am totally in my element with email, as I have sent out, oh probably thousands of emails over the years. The key here, I think, is to make the cover letter short, sweet and to the point, and give the editor a reason to remember you. Kind of what I had to do when I applied to college many moons ago!

I’ve decided that my very next challenge will be to learn how to pitch to magazines and newspapers, something that is totally unchartered territory for me. To that end, I am signed up for a local class next week on that very topic. I’m always open to learning new things, and applying it to my work, so I’m psyched!

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