Writing Reflections- Day 29

Continuing on this blog are re-postings of my last year’s responses to the Writer Mama’s Back-to-School Giveaway prompts. My response for this year can be read on the Writer Mama blog: http://bit.ly/vZ7Ad

September 29, 2008- This is all purely hypothetical right? Because if truth be told, I wouldn’t know what to do with an agent right now. I am years away from even attempting a novel, let alone seeking a publisher for one, and it  really hasn’t been all that difficult to find potential markets for my personal essays and creative nonfiction so far. I’ve earmarked a few likely markets, and have established a rapport directly with the editors. That being said…

I have absolutely no background in marketing, P.R. or even creative writing or journalism, if we’re going to be particular. Just an overwhelming desire to express myself through the written word. What I would bring to a partnership with an agent is honesty, a fresh, unjaded outlook on writing, ambition, determination, creativity, enthusiasm, organizational skills, and an open mind. I am more than willing to listen and learn, and am quick to adapt to changing situations. And no one could be a better cheerleader for my own work, than me!

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