PAD Day 21 and 22

Today’s prompt: “…write an emergency poem.”

Just after I read the prompt, I discovered with alarm that my sister’s flight from the East Coast was scheduled to arrive 48 minutes early, so I had to go with my first thought, in order to high tail it to the airport (a mini emergency of sorts!).

Bad News
At once awakened
By the phone’s shrill insistence
Her heart grips with fear.

I also just noted that I forgot to post yesterday’s poem. The prompt was to write an invention poem.

Plato’s Perspicacity
Necessity is
The mother of invention–
At least so they say.

Check out my “2009 Nov. PAD” page for a list of all the prompts and my haiku responses for the 2009 Poetic Asides PAD Chapbook Challenge. More on Poetic Asides:

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