PAD Day 24

Today’s “Two for Tuesday” double prompts: “Take the phrase ‘Everybody [nobody] says (blank),’ replace the blank with a word or phrase, make that the title of the poem, and write the poem.”

With Thanksgiving looming so close and more family members arriving everyday, I’ve had to take the approach to PAD that we use in writing group: namely, go with the first thought and just write!

Mom and Dad have been constantly on my mind these days, as my sister visits and we reminisce about them. This will be the second Thanksgiving since we lost our parents, yet they will always be very much in our minds and hearts.

Everyone Says I Look Like My Mother
But what they don’t see
Is that there’s a great deal of
Dad in me also.

Nobody Says I Resemble Dad
He gave me my love
Of words written and spoken
Though not his blue eyes.

Check out my “2009 Nov. PAD” page for a list of all the prompts and my haiku responses for the 2009 Poetic Asides PAD Chapbook Challenge. More on Poetic Asides:

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