This I Resolve…IV

Well, I tried. I really tried. I figured that by starting my resolutions early in December, I would be home free by New Year’s Eve. Alas, I’m not. Blame it on all the company, blame it on the holidays, blame it on the freak snowstorm we had a few days ago, but most of all, blame it on me waiting until the last minute to put what I thought would be the finishing touches to an End of Life essay that I have been working on for some time for Creative Nonfiction, and deciding I needed to start from scratch. Last night I finally completed what I then thought was the final, final copy.

The postmark deadline was today, and wouldn’t you know it, when I called the Post Office this morning just to verify their hours, I was informed that they were closing today at 3:00 pm  (for the non-holiday of New Year’s Eve, I guess). I’ve always known I work best under pressure. I made some major revisions to my “final, final copy”, took a look at the clock and decided to call it good, and posted the manuscript just 20 minutes before closing time, watching carefully that they applied the all-important postmark before I walked away from the window. Moral? (And next resolution):

Don’t procrastinate!


Poetry Wednesday (well Thursday)

The prompt was late, honest! It was to write a “getting around to something” poem. What could be more a propos than writing about procrastinating making New Year’s resolutions!

This I Resolve

Every December without fail
I compile myself a list
Of resolutions for the coming year
And this I’ve never missed

But this year I fear is different
I think I know just why
Too many resolutions made and broke
In previous years gone by

Is there a point I wonder
In taking up my pen
To list hopes and aspirations
For the year 2010?

Yet habit being so strong
I guess I’ll heed the call
And get around to those pesky things
Before the dropping of the ball!


Holiday Haiku

Catch the holiday haiku of myself and others on the Four and Twenty website:



The Power of Music

This is the time of year that I miss my mother the most. It has been almost two years since that heartbreaking day that she was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with terminal cancer. My story about how I find solace in music was just selected as the winning entry for the first Chicken Soup for the Soul Giveaway Wednesday on Facebook. I hope the story brings comfort to others who are facing loss at the holidays.


The Joys of Juxtaposition

Today’s Wednesday poetry prompt: “…write a juxtaposition poem.” Juxtaposition is one of those slippery words I had to look up, just to be on the safe side. It was tough to do in haiku!

Beavers lose to Ducks
Will it rain, I ask myself
There’s always next year.


A five-syllable word for
Placing side by side.

A Portland Winter

Our arctic freeze now just a fading memory, the rains have resumed in earnest. Our seven-day forecast: rain, showers, light rain, partly cloudy, partly cloudy, rain, partly cloudy. Just how many ways can you say “rain”?


Rain so relentless
you feel like you’ve sprouted fins
or at least should have.