This I Resolve…IV

Well, I tried. I really tried. I figured that by starting my resolutions early in December, I would be home free by New Year’s Eve. Alas, I’m not. Blame it on all the company, blame it on the holidays, blame it on the freak snowstorm we had a few days ago, but most of all, blame it on me waiting until the last minute to put what I thought would be the finishing touches to an End of Life essay that I have been working on for some time for Creative Nonfiction, and deciding I needed to start from scratch. Last night I finally completed what I then thought was the final, final copy.

The postmark deadline was today, and wouldn’t you know it, when I called the Post Office this morning just to verify their hours, I was informed that they were closing today at 3:00 pm  (for the non-holiday of New Year’s Eve, I guess). I’ve always known I work best under pressure. I made some major revisions to my “final, final copy”, took a look at the clock and decided to call it good, and posted the manuscript just 20 minutes before closing time, watching carefully that they applied the all-important postmark before I walked away from the window. Moral? (And next resolution):

Don’t procrastinate!

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