Two Reviews: Poetry and Chick Lit

Now that the poetry challenge is over, I have a bit more discretionary time on my hands. Not that writing the haiku took all that long. It was reading all the other poems and comments that did!

I’ve started working my way down that ever expanding reading list I’ve been amassing ever since Wordstock, and writing some of those Amazon reviews I claimed I would. I’ve found from hard experience that the best time to write a review is right after you finish reading (or watching) something, so in that spirit, here are reviews of two books I read last night:

Gone to the Dogs, by Mary Guterson– This one I found that I could only give¬† a lukewarm review to. I heard Mary Guterson read at Wordstock and thought I’d check out this novel. Sure it’s chick lit, so I wasn’t expecting much beyond a light and entertaining read, but I found I really couldn’t get much past the anything but funny premise of a woman stealing her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s dog, in an act of revenge. If you’ve gotten past that sentence and you’re still intrigued, then by all means read it, but for light entertainment, there’s better out there. Interestingly, mine was the only non-five star review on Amazon. Go figure.

something has to happen next, by andrew michael roberts– I enjoyed this slim Oregon Book Awards finalist collection of poetry, although I must admit that I had to read it twice before some of the poetry registered with me. As they say though, good things come in small packages. (Do they say that? Well, anyway…) Worth the read.

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And the Poetry Carries On…

I know it is still a full 29 days away from New Year’s Eve, but I figure if I start making resolutions now, it will be that much more painless when New Year’s Eve finally does arrive. So here is my first one:

2010 Resolution #1: To participate regularly in the Wednesdays poetry prompts on the Poetic Asides blog (as well as continuing the take the April and November PAD challenges).

The best thing about resolutions is when you actually meet them, so in that spirit, here is today’s poem:

Prompt: “…write a climbing poem.”

So many choices presented themselves, I almost didn’t know where to begin! This prompt is surely one to come back to. I immediately thought of climbing the ladder of success, a plane climbing in the sky, the mercury climbing (on an old thermometer!), climbing a ladder in Chutes & Ladders (now why did I always seem to get the chutes?), and climbing the rope in PE class in elementary school, but the most abiding image for me was Jack climbing the beanstalk.

Beanstalk Speculations
Would I too have climbed
Had the opportunity
Ever arisen?