2010 napowrimo #8

Day 8- What can I say? The more I write poetry, the more I want to write poetry. Hurray for National Poetry Month!

Love (Metaphorically Speaking)

Not a teddy bear
but sort of like a teddy bear–
a wool scarf?
A cough drop?
I rather think not

A cool drink
on a warm day
A piece of obsidian or feldspar
but not granite
A question mark,
sometimes an exclamation point
or ellipses…

A kaleidoscope
constantly shifting
As familiar as my reflection
in the mirror,
as unknown as a distant pulsar
A half-remembered dream
A favorite melody
The pull of gravity…
Know what I’m saying?

9 thoughts on “2010 napowrimo #8

  1. when trying to imagine inspiration for things, I imagined one friend trying to explain an attraction to another friend and this could have happened?

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