2010 napowrimo #10

And on a more somber note, my Read Write Poem inspired offering. The prompt was to write about a celebration, where you were with family, or friends, or both.

A Celebration of Life

There we were
after the funeral
gorging on obscene amounts
of dim sum.

In between the drunken chicken,
the fried fish balls,
the sticky buns,
and hot mustard greens,
we found common ground.

As the table groaned
and tea flowed
we spoke of his life,
and of time,
the inexorable march of time.

Eating was a serious business
for us that day,
and as we savored
every last drop of food
and conversation, who’s to say
that we didn’t get
our full money’s worth.

6 thoughts on “2010 napowrimo #10

  1. oh a funeral celebration… i like the effect of eating and getting full instead of an angle of overwhelming loss and sadness… and cara wow two poems a day, and i was complaining abt one… best to you on completing both!!!… backwards bliss

    • I’m glad it came across. I always go with my first thought for the prompt, and this time what came into my head was the celebration of life following my father’s funeral. The funeral was sad, of course, but afterward, over lunch, my extended family shared food and reminiscences, and laughed far more than we cried. Good luck to you also– one poem a day is still challenge enough!

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