2010 napowrimo #18

Great Read Write Poem prompt today– a subject near and dear to my heart!

Why We Love Them

They sharpen their claws
on the furniture,

whine piteously

whenever  I open a can

of tuna for my lunch

and climb on the kitchen counter
when my back is turned


when one or both

plunk down in my lap

every time I open a book

and purr for all they’re worth

I forget these things.

12 thoughts on “2010 napowrimo #18

  1. The purring of cats does, indeed, cause amnesia about their misdeeds in their owners. Sadly, though, amnesia is the most minor of the many ills that cats carry and transmit to humans. This list is too extensive and gruesome to elaborate upon here but, trust me, catless people should count their blessings.

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