2010 napowrimo #22

I was beginning to think I wouldn’t get to the Read Write Prompt today! The prompt was to use the following words, or as many of them as possible: reverberate, rust, saffron, pepper, tomorrow, emporium, dizzy, squall, tendril, fierce, flinch and crow. After years of practice helping my kids make sentences with their spelling words, I have become the master of using obscure words in (often obscure) sentences. 🙂 Think I got them all. Whew!

Off to the Emporium

The fierce caw of a crow
startles me from my reverie
and causes me to flinch,
leaving me dizzy and disoriented.
It reverberates through my head,
a sudden squall in the landscape
of last year’s garden.
I lean on my shovel,
rust chips the color of saffron
flaking off of it,
and ruefully survey the wreckage
of last year’s garden:
two dried up pepper plants,
some overgrown sage,
and the edge of the garden box,
a cucumber tendril still clinging to it.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day, I think,
as I lean the shovel carefully
against the garden shed
and head off to shop instead.
After all, everyday is Earth Day.

8 thoughts on “2010 napowrimo #22

  1. Nicely done, Cara! Congratulations on effective use of all the words! Your poem has a delightful flow. Sorry for your garden. But I can definitely relate to rationalizing away the work.


    • Thanks, Shari. I found it a bit tricky to fit in all the words– just when I thought I was done, I discovered I was missing “flinch”– so I had to go back and squeeze it in. Glad it came across anyway!

    • Good for you, Sheila! I didn’t, sadly. My poor garden is going to have to wait for May 1st, I’m afraid. Or maybe I can learn to write poetry while I prune my roses. Now there’s a thought…

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