2010 napowrimo #23

I can’t believe it is only 6:30 (a.m.!) and I already have my Read Write Poem for today. This was one of those rare cases, where I got an idea right away. Nice when that happens… I was thinking of the line from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, where the teacher says:Β  “Bueller?… Bueller?… Bueller?” and came up with …

Daydream Believing

Now class,
take out your books.
Today we will
walk on moonbeams,
spin gossamer threads
and weave them into daydreams,
shower ourselves in stardust
and build glittering castles
in the air.
We will wander through…
Class! Are you listening?

24 thoughts on “2010 napowrimo #23

  1. I’d call this a “defining a new cosmology” poem — and those are some of my very favorites. I love when a poet introduces a new and far more satisfying paradigm for how we might live! Thank you, Cara!

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