2010 napowrimo #24

Today on Read Write Poem, the prompt was to do a little word exploration, with the help of The Phrase Finder, and use some of the “clichés, idioms, what-have-yous” we discover in today’s poem. I am so totally in my element on this one! Arcane and archaic expressions have always been my cup of tea.

Poet Envy

Just when she thinks
she has arrived, top dog,
indisputable leader
of the poetry pack,
some Johnny-come-lately
comes waltzing along
and knocks her off her perch,
stealing the show
and now everyone is absolutely
over the moon
about this new nine day wonder
while she is left out in the cold,
nursing her wounds,
her star no longer on the rise.

[And no, this poem is not about me, or even about anyone in specific. Just a thought poem today…]

5 thoughts on “2010 napowrimo #24

  1. Cara, funny and rich in cliches. On a serious and related note, I’ve been gratified that most all poets are cooperative souls who don’t follow a Darwinesque model. Liked your poem in Four and Twenty!

    • J.D.– I also saw and enjoyed your Four and Twenty poem. Small poetry world! And yes, I’ve been pleased to see that the online poetry communities I’ve been privileged to be part of (Poetic Asides, and more recently, Read Write Poem) both operate completely in the spirit of cooperation, and support for other poets. No “top dogs” here. 🙂

  2. Cara–I love this! This was a wonderful and fun post, and it really stands on its own. Yep, RWP is wonderful. I, too, wish I had known about it sooner.

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