2010 napowrimo #25

I got lucky on this one. The prompt was to take the first words or sentence we heard after reading this prompt, and build a poem around it. The first sentence I heard (from a movie in the next room!) was “You’ve got a criminal mind.” That immediately sparked this:

A Criminal Mind

I want to steal a moment in time,
just a single moment.
No one will miss it— I swear.
A moment that I can lose myself in,
a moment where I can do anything I want to,
or nothing at all,
a moment to reflect, ponder, laugh, cry,
wonder, dream, sing, dance,
shout out loud, whisper softly,
or all of the above.

A moment to carve out and capture in amber,
a moment that I don’t have to account for, ever,
a moment that I will guard jealously,
and always treasure,
a single moment to call my own. Someday,
I don’t know when,
I will return this moment, unharmed,
with compound interest— I swear.

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