2010 PAD- Day 25 (Poem 2)

And my second offering for today’s Poetic Asides prompt, to write a poem inspired by a song. This poem was inspired by many songs– the lyrics I referenced are in quotes. See if you can guess all the songs. The last I admit I “cheated” on. I had roughly the line I wanted, and looked for a song lyric to match. The rest are favorites from my high school years.

Misspent Youth

I spent hours “blinded by the light”,
“lost in a daydream” of being rescued

by “knights [sic] in white satin”

with nary a “bad moon on the rise” in sight.

But alas, “goodbye yellow brick road”,
goodbye to childhood songs “blowing through the jasmine
of my mind”—I am off to board a “cosmic train”
and see “what lies down the track”.


Music credits (in order)

  1. “Blinded by the Light”– The Steve Miller Band
  2. “Daydream”– The Lovin’ Spoonful
  3. “Nights in White Satin”– The Moody Blues
  4. “Bad Moon Rising”– Creedence Clearwater Revival
  5. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”– Elton John
  6. “Summer Breeze”– Seals & Crofts
  7. “Where Do The Children Play?” — Cat Stevens
  8. “Steel Rails”– Alison Krauss

2 thoughts on “2010 PAD- Day 25 (Poem 2)

  1. Blinded by the light
    Nights in white satin
    with the Moody Blues
    along the yellow brick road
    summer breeze blowin through
    the jasmine of my mind
    with seals and crofts

    Well Cara, you have just taken me on a lovely trip down memory lane Thankyou

    Got to find that seals and crofts cd …got it somewhere

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