2010 napowrimo #26

The Read Write Poem prompt today was to rework a poem we had abandoned. I went back in time to a poem I was working on right after I completed my cancer treatment, and reworked it top to bottom. I tried to make it less judgmental, but not sure if I succeeded. As always, I welcome feedback.

Roll the Dice

It’s a game any number can play.
It comes with no instructions
and few rules and the ones there are
can mostly be expressed in the negative:
don’t steal, don’t cheat, and if you do,
don’t get caught. Money is part of the game
as is status and power,
and a whole host of other intangibles,
which you’ll learn as you go along.
It’s a game of strategy, with a good deal
of luck thrown in as well. Some say
it is mostly luck. The object of the game
is to stay on the board as long as possible.
Ready to play? Let’s roll.

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