2010 napowrimo #27

Today’s prompt for Read Write Poem was to have some fun with an acrostic poem, starting with a word that’s part of us. What could be more a part of me than my name. 🙂

Cara Holman

Crazy to have started not one, but two PAD
adventures. Words are consuming her life. She’s
ready to wrap and move on,
and yet…

Having begun, she can’t stop now. Focused
on the goal of finishing in style, she
lopes on, carrying the poetic torch, hoping that
maybe her best poem to date is just
around the bend. Perhaps so, perhaps
not, but persevere, she will.

6 thoughts on “2010 napowrimo #27

  1. Thanks, Robin. In a funny kind of way, it’s not that much more work to do the second. My writing group has trained me that once I get a prompt, to put my pen to the page, turn off my internal censor, and just write. Some poems are keepers, the rest I chalk up to experience. 🙂

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