2010 napowrimo #29

Fun prompt today on Read Write Poem. We were to take ten newspaper headlines and select elements from them to create our own event to write a poem about. I couldn’t resist. I took the headline “Better without the bigger?” (actual article is about Portland Public Schools), combined it with “My little, possibly record-setting pony” (which really is about a miniature 14″ pony) and came up with the following:

Better, Not Bigger

Scientists today have been successful
in crossing a Polly Pocket
with a My Little Pony,
resulting in a new breed
they are calling My Pocket Pony.

At only ¼ inch high,
scientists are hailing this new breed
as a tremendous breakthrough
adding that the goal of
“a pony in every pocket”
is now within reach in our lifetime.

When asked “Why this new breed?”
a spokesperson simply replied,
“Because we can”.


8 thoughts on “2010 napowrimo #29

  1. I actually find a 14″ pony terrifying.I see a sinister
    meaninging in this poem.A prediction of Dr. Frankenstein creations for the future.Fortunately I wont be around to see it.

  2. Actually, as far as I can tell, the horse wasn’t genetically engineered or anything. He was just born unusually small. And the point of this poem (if indeed it had a point) was that anything can be taken to an extreme. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kay. No, Flatsies were after my time, and before my daughter’s. I loved the Strawberry Shortcakes though, and have to admit I saved them, although we unloaded the Barbies at a garage sale. And we missed the Cabbage Patch Kids altogether. 🙂

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