2010 napowrimo #30

Well I made it to the end of the Read Write Poem, 2010 napowrimo challenge. I’m sorry that I discovered this writing community just as it was going away forever, but the prompts were delightful, the poetry company excellent, and the experience first-rate. In fact, it was too much fun not to try to do something with all the clever prompt titles…

Free Day (and Farewell)

Shuffle a poem, any old way,
use the ol’ acronym switcheroo
for starters. Scared yet?
Inside out and roundabout,
make your poetry personal,
converse with images to arrive at love,
funny side up
or even make
unusual love connections.
Make it your mission to explore,
then celebrate! (both the thing you didn’t choose,
and the thing that you did.)

Try writing in secret codes:
smoke a dubie, the eagle flies
at midnight…now I know you’re thinking
you want me to write a what?
I have trouble carrying a tune, let alone
writing an entire song.

But let your senses be your guide… play
I Spy, or What’s That Smell, and you might
end up with something elemental. Meow!
Look for flashes of inspiration, lightbulb moments.
Start with the hero poem,
making your hero perfectly flawed,
and work him into a wordle! Or unlikely couples
are always good for a few laughs. Find a phrase,
first things first, then run with it. Get scrappy,
but remember, you can always let someone else
take the lead
, once in awhile. You don’t
have to go it alone. Use your intuition
you can even take your inspiration
from the front page news. But whatever you do
keep on poeming!

16 thoughts on “2010 napowrimo #30

  1. That sums it up! Congratulations and thanks for your poetry and your visits to my blog. Will you continue posting and linking to other blogs? I hope I’ll continue to see you around.

    • Robin– It’s been great connecting with you this month. Enjoyed your poetry and “visiting” with each other on our respective blogs. I will be adding you and some of my other fave poets from RWP to my Google Reader to follow. I’m also on Facebook. So hope we stay in touch! Maybe you’ll try Robert Lee Brewer’s Wednesday prompts on Poetic Asides?

    • Same to you. I didn’t get to read as many poems every day as I would have liked, since I was doing two PAD challenges and also trying to keep my sanity. 🙂 But I enjoyed your poetry when I did make it to your blog!

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    • Thanks Barbara. I did have fun writing it. 🙂 I’m so sorry RWP is going away. Hope to cross paths with you and other RWP poets on some other venue in the future!

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