2010- PAD Day 30

30 days, 30 poems– I did it! My final poem for the 2010 Poet Asides PAD Challenge, in response to the prompt “letting go”.

Letting Go

a cherry blossom
slowly spiraling to earth–
farewell PAD Challenge


3 thoughts on “2010- PAD Day 30

  1. Hurrah. I applaud you for working with the prompts. I couldn’t bring myself to commit to that. I did write 30-some poems this month. :o) I think your final poem is fitting and beautiful. “slowly spiraling to earth–” I will continue to watch your lovely work.

    • Kay– I write better with prompts, I guess. It keeps me from spending too much time thinking about what to write. 🙂 In fact, I rarely write anything anymore without a prompt or a specific call for submissions. I admire you for not having to. I’ve been enjoying your work as well, and follow your blog in my Google Reader. Just as fun as writing poetry this month, was connecting or reconnecting with poets from all around the world, thanks to the internet!

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