La Lune

Yesterday on Poetic Asides, Robert Lee Brewer introduced a new-to-me poetic form: the lune. The lune is an American Haiku, which comes in two flavors.

The Kelly lune (after poet Robert Kelly) is a three-line, thirteen-syllable form, with syllable count 5-3-5. Unlike traditional Japanese haiku, nature themes are not required, and simile and metaphor are allowed.

The Collom lune (after poet Jack Collom) is a three-line, eleven-word form, with word count 3-5-3. All themes fine, and simile and metaphor may also be included.

Here is one of each that I posted for today’s Poetic Asides prompt to write about a lightbulb moment (or just a lightbulb):

(Kelly variant)

energy saving
but why mercury?


(Collom variant )

once a daughter
now I’m the older generation–
a lightbulb moment

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