Clodhoppers Unite

Our prompt today on Poetic Asides was to use clodhopper, flash, and satellite in a poem. So what exactly is a clodhopper anyway? defines it as either “a clumsy boor; rustic; bumpkin” or “strong, heavy shoes”. I chose to go with the first definition.

Clodhoppers Unite

You know, a clodhopper, I say.
His face is blank, he doesn’t know.
I try again.
A hick, a yokel, a lout, a hayseed, a lummox.
What planet are you from? he asks.
A satellite of Jupiter, I quip.
I think he actually believes me.
Just kidding, I say.
A rube? A rustic? A bumpkin? A yahoo?
In a flash, enlightenment dawns.
Oh, he says, a hillbilly.

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