Two Wins

For a while now, I’ve been following Erika Dreifus’ Practicing Writing blog. Her useful blog contains “updates on writing and publishing opportunities (especially handy between issues of our popular monthly newsletter). You’ll discover ONLY opportunities that charge no fees, and ONLY publications/contests that will pay for your writing. The blog also shares writing-related Web news and resources, book reviews, and occasional news about this practicing writer’s own work.”

This blog is where I learned of Amy Paturel’s essay contest, which I entered last month, and won free entry to the e-course: Essay Writing: How to Find the Story in You– and Sell It, that I am currently taking.

Several weeks ago, I noticed that Erika was offering a chance to win one of two short story collections, in  Short Story Month 2010: The Collection Giveaway Project , simply by leaving a comment on our favorite short story collections.  I was delighted to see that I am one of two (randomly drawn) winners of the collection The Pale of Settlement, by Margot Singer.

I also had my first haiku accepted to a print journal, Riverwind 30. That will appear next month!

2 thoughts on “Two Wins

  1. Congratulations again, Cara! I’ll be eager to know how the course turns out for you, AND what you think of the book. AND congratulations on your haiku!

    • Thanks, Erika! I am in the 5th week of Amy’s class, working hard, and learning lots! I will do a blog post when I am finished with it. And a book review after I finish the book. 🙂 One of the key things I’ve learned from the essay class so far is to focus on the take-home message, and not be continually wandering off on tangents. This week, we are working on tailoring pieces to fit the market.

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