Summer Writing Goals

I write haiku all the time. Really. And as I only submit a small fraction of them to Kukai, where better to post them than here? It also occurred to me that at least one of the bloggers I follow regularly, Erika Dreifus, of Practicing Writing, not only posts regularly, but also seems to post regular features on certain days. I like that idea.This inspired me to try something similar. Of course if I get too gung ho for starters, I will likely fizzle out.

So my small scale idea for this summer is to post haiku (or four and twenties) every Monday, continue to post my Poetic Asides poetry on Wednesdays, and post a book review/event recap/author interview, or at minimum a book/movie related post on Fridays. I’ll give this all summer to see how I like it, before re-evaluating. So in the spirit of “no better time than the present”, consider this yesterday’s post, and I’ll be right on track. 🙂

Yogic inversion
I in cat tilt
my cat
in repose


A Midsummer Night’s Scene
Moonlight spills over the water—
on the breeze
the song
of a thousand crickets


Saturday Market
marionberries and peaches and plums
oh my!


We Call it Home
Just a blue-green marble
on a track unseen
rolling endlessly
through space and time

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