War and Peas

Great Big Tent Poetry prompt this week. We were to take a well known word couple and let one of the words go a little “sideways”. Their example was of a “Love-Hat” relationship. Mine was War and Peas. Read more poetic responses on Big Tent Poetry.

Vegetable War and Peas

I ask her to try some carrots
To this she wrinkles her nose
Cauliflower? Cabbage? Broccoli?
You know I don’t eat those!

Maybe asparagus, kale, kohlrabi
Or green beans almondine
Wax beans, favas or limas?
Not any kind of bean!

I offer her corn on the cob
Lettuce, mustard green,
Vegetables common or exotic
And everything in between

But nothing seems to tempt her
She’s just not into the bounty of plants
Please, I finally beg her
At least give peas a chance!

18 thoughts on “War and Peas

  1. Oh my goodness, I was that little girl. My mother could have written this poem. To be honest, I still reject a lot of them, but have garnered a very narrow pallette. I did bend that when my kids were at home, they got a full variety and never seemed to notice that I didn’t partake, at least not with eagerness. Thank you for the memories,


  2. Elizabeth,
    That’s funny. When I was a kid, I used to hide my half chewed vegetables in a napkin and deposit them in the trash. I’m sure my mom was onto me, though she never said a word. Today I happily eat all vegetables (except lima beans). My kids, however, are another story.


    • Cara, my response to the BPT prompt is at my poetry site:

      Back to the subject at hand: When my kids were young, we lived in the county and I learned to pick and can a large variety of veggies. All four of them haven’t any problem, and I’m grateful I didn’t pass on my narrow mindedness and tastebuds. I know that they say that certain things skip a generation and then show up again. Wonder if that’s true of vegetables?

      • Perhaps so. My parents grew up during the Depression, so they couldn’t afford to be so picky about eating– they were just grateful to have enough food. I sometimes think that having too much is what encourages persnickety eaters. At least I managed to outgrow my eating issues!

        How cool to have two blogs! I will be checking out your poetry response.


  3. Does any kid like vegetables? In fact you mentioned some I still don’t like. And now I have that song stuck in my head…”all we are saying…” This was such fun!

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