Hearing Voices

There’s a great article today in the WOW! Women on Writing July/August 2010  newsletter by Cathy C. Hall, cleverly entitled Voice: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! The article goes on to discuss the importance of voice in fiction writing, although it can equally well apply to creative non-fiction writing. For the writer, having a clever plot, believable dialog, and the perfect setting is only part of the equation. The story can still be doomed if the writer does not have a distinctive voice that draws the reader in immediately. Think To Kill a Mockingbird. Think Catcher in the Rye. Think about your own favorite literary voice, and what makes it work for you.

I even was quoted in the article, about one of my favorite voices in fiction. Read the article to find out who it is!

2 thoughts on “Hearing Voices

  1. Wow, Cara! Thanks for the lovely words and the link! I won’t say what you recommended, but I will say that it was an excellent choice!

    And P.S. Thanks for lending your voice to the article!

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