Subliminally Yours Message

And the subliminal message…

Subliminally Yours

Do you always remember your dreams, you ask.

I will wake from sleep now and then, I say pensively,
with vague traces of last night’s dream on my mind.
When this happens, I always try to grasp at it
before it slips away, sometimes even writing it down.
You should try this the next time you wake up, I add.

But why? you wonder.

Oh, I don’t know, maybe you will get a great story idea
or two, or at least a peek into your subconscious mind.
Analyze this, I say. Last night I dreamed we were walking
in the Japanese garden, and you wanted to feed the koi,
but when we did, they began growing larger and larger
and swimming toward us. Just then, my alarm went off.
I woke to find my cats standing over me purring,
with an inexplicable desire for tuna fish.

7 thoughts on “Subliminally Yours Message

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  2. Well hell, that is just cute as anything. I love it! And even without the code, it’s a great conversational poem. Those last two lines are such a great yet unexpected ending – just as surprising as waking up with cats purring in your face.

  3. I actually sort of believe that our pets do send us messages, but we too often own very poor receptors. I really like your take on the prompt, enjoyed it immensely, and am still smiling.


    • Glad you enjoyed it, Elizabeth. Actually, my cats aren’t as subtle as all that. They send me not so subliminal messages constantly: FEED ME. PET ME. SCRATCH ME UNDER THE CHIN. 🙂

    • Only having cats, I have to wonder if dogs can be as subversive… I couldn’t decide if my message was too obvious, or not obvious enough. Judging from the responses, I’d have to guess the latter. 🙂

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