Big Tent Poetry Reading

In all the years that I’ve lived in Portland, 19 to be exact, I had never visited the St. Johns Booksellers or even been to the St. Johns part of town before– at least until today. It was a Big Tent Poetry reading that drew me there. I had a lovely, if tortuously twisty and turny ride through Forest Park, to get there there, but it was worth it. It was fun to discover that not only is there an indie bookstore, but there was a Saturday Market going on as well, right next store. In fact, the poetry reading series is offered in partnership with the market.

Today’s reading featured four poets from Big Tent Poetry, one of my favorite online poetry websites. It was only recently that I discovered through the latest Voicecatcher newsletter, that Deb Scott, one of the three co-founders of Big Tent Poetry, lives right here in Portland. So of course that made this a must-see event for me. Joining Deb were Carolee Sherwood, another Big Tent co-founder, visiting from New York, and local poets Tiel Aisha Ansari and Dale Favier. The poetry was wonderful, the turnout great, and the venue was perfect. A morning of poetry– what better!

4 thoughts on “Big Tent Poetry Reading

  1. Thanks for being there, Cara. It is so cool when internet poets meet in person. I feel so, so lucky. And I look forward to seeing you at other Portland events.

    And online, of course!!


    • It’s fun to discover that there is actually a real person behind the gravatar. And there is just something about listening to poetry read live by the poet who wrote it. So glad I was able to attend yesterday, and great to finally meet you!

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