Tammy’s Lament

It’s Friday, time to post responses to the Big Tent Poetry prompt. The prompt was to write about icons, those larger-than-life personalities. As soon as I saw the examples of Barbie and Chatty Cathy though, I knew I just had to write about…

Tammy’s Lament

You don’t know me, very few do.
I was Barbie’s country cousin,
the one she didn’t talk about much,
the perennial girl next store.
She wore glittery evening gowns,
I wore sensible clothes.
Even my hair was drab.
No Ken waiting in the wings for me.
I spent Friday nights watching
my little sister Pepper.
Could life get any duller?
Barbie was the glamour girl. And me?
Simply “the doll you love to dress”.

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20 thoughts on “Tammy’s Lament

  1. We didn’t have Barbie or her relatives when growing up. I’ve often wondered it I’d have been a more conventional individual if I’d had. You make me realize that I might very well be the lucky one, lol.


    • Ideal Toy Corp. carted out Tammy and kin in the early 1960’s as their response to Mattel’s Barbie. Sadly, Tammy was only around for 3-1/2 years, while Barbie is 51 and apparently still going strong. I guess Tammy was just too wholesome…

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