Anything Quirky

Now that I’m doing two poetry challenges a week, and participating in two monthly kukai and one bi-monthly kukai, deadlines roll around pretty regularly. So I was actually taken by surprise Sunday, when I checked my BlackBerry and found out my haiku had won the July Shiki Monthly Kukai, in the free format section! The subject was “anything quirky”. I can do “quirky”.

night sky —
my thumb
eclipsing the moon

Read all of the haiku here.

2 thoughts on “Anything Quirky

    • Thank you, Marie Elena. What I especially like about the kukai is that they are peer review contests, so only the haikuists submitting entries that month get to vote. And in this particular kukai, I get to read and think about 200+ haiku each month, each based on same kigo or subject. It never fails to amaze me how much can be said in so few words!

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