Add To This Renga!

The Big Tent Poetry prompts just keep getting better and better. This week’s prompt challenged us to mix up our writing life, and write a poem that is different in some way to what we usually write. What I write the most are haiku. What I would really like to attempt this week is a renga, which is basically a series of short verses linked into a single long poem, and composed collaboratively. There are all sorts of subtle nuances to renga, as well as to haiku apparently, but for the purposes of this week’s prompt, here’s all you need to know:

  1. Haiku are generally three lines, containing a total of 10 to 17 syllables. The 5-7-5 form is acceptable but not required.
  2. Haiku consist of a sentence fragment (one line), and a phrase (two lines that complete a thought).
  3. Renga consist of haiku, alternated with two line phrases.
  4. Renga usually have a theme. I thought since we cross this country, and in fact the globe, the theme could be summer, in wherever you live.

So, now for the fun. I’ll start the renga, and everyone can add to it in the comments section:

sweltering heat-
children laughing and running
through lawn sprinklers

a dragonfly hovers
above a blade of grass

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18 thoughts on “Add To This Renga!

  1. Cold, cold, wet August cold.
    Depression looms
    through gloom of speckled window.

    Warmth, warmth, cosy warmth,
    welcome comfort, hug of a quilt.

    I wrote this yesterday after being caught in a chill summer rain. The form was otherwise, but it seemed to fit your renga theme! Onwards.

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely! What wonderful images, and how fun to write in collaboration! Let’s keep this going, and on Monday, I will do a post (with credit to all you contributing poets of course!) that puts it all together. 🙂

  3. The honey bees
    are jumping on the purple
    lavender bush

    everyday they gather
    the necter for their hive.

    “Quickly!” they buzz.
    “For we must finish before
    the sun has gone!”

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