Pineapple Summer

This week’s Big Tent Poetry prompt was a wordle. The words that jumped out at me were pineapple, silk, and summer. I wrote this at four in the morning, when I couldn’t sleep anyway. Maybe that’s the trick to writing poetry that springs from the unconscious mind– I certainly never consciously think about pineapple upside-down cake, or corn silk either, for that matter!

Pineapple Summer

The secret of pineapple upside-down cake
is that the pineapples have to start at the bottom
in order to end up on top. Eventually.
Life can be like this. Or not.
Some things start at the bottom
and stay at the bottom. Like fish.
Some start on top and fall. Like Humpty Dumpty.
Others just drift. Like milkweeds on the breeze.
Or summer days, which slide one into the next,
smooth as corn silk.

More poetic response to this prompt can be found at the Big Tent website.

26 thoughts on “Pineapple Summer

  1. ‘Philosophy’ was the word that slipped straight into my mind too! There seems to be a goodly serving of pineapple upside-down cake around today. I’m glad it’s lunchtime!

  2. Terrific take on the words – the sliding summer days is such a true take, and soft as corn silk brings us to late summer harvest — makes my mind go on.

  3. Nice, Cara! 🙂 I especially like those last lines that flow as smooth as silk:

    “Like milkweeds on the breeze.
    Or summer days, which slide one into the next,
    smooth as corn silk.”

    And I will lob a “Wordle” poem back — since that’s the best “match” I can come up with for this interesting and unusual piece! “Lift” was my April PAD Day #15 response to Robert’s list of words. You can find it here: Hope you enjoy! And, if it prompts you to lob another poem back at me — I’ll be waiting! :-))

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