Shopping Poetry

Some poetry prompts speak to me, and some just don’t. I loved the Poetic Asides prompt today– write a shopping poem– almost as much as I love shopping! For starters…


Paper or plastic, the cashier asks me
and it takes me a minute to realize
she’s talking about bags.

Down the Aisle

Somewhere between the calcium enriched
fresh squeezed orange juice with low pulp
and the organic applesauce with cinnamon
but no added sugar, I forget what I came for.

Anything Quirky

Now that I’m doing two poetry challenges a week, and participating in two monthly kukai and one bi-monthly kukai, deadlines roll around pretty regularly. So I was actually taken by surprise Sunday, when I checked my BlackBerry and found out my haiku had won the July Shiki Monthly Kukai, in the free format section! The subject was “anything quirky”. I can do “quirky”.

night sky —
my thumb
eclipsing the moon

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