Getting My Life Back

Each year, in conjunction with the Komen Race for the Cure, The Oregonian asks a question and invites breast cancer survivors to answer the question. A sampling of responses appear in the special Komen pullout section of the paper the week before the Race. For the third year in a row, my response was published. This means a lot to me, because as I’ve had some time (four years to be exact) to put my cancer experience in perspective, my hope is that my words will help others, especially those who are newly diagnosed.

The question this year: “How did you get your life back?”

My response can be read on page 10 of the Komen special section of today’s Oregonian and also on OregonLive.

The 2009 question: “Be it as a patient, or a survivor, or as a family member or friend of a patient or a survivor, what have you learned about yourself, about others, about life, from breast cancer?”

Click on this link, and scroll down to read my response.

In 2009, I also wrote a My Turn essay that appeared both in The Oregonian, and online at OregonLive.

And finally, the 2008 prompt: “Let us know why you do the Komen race.”

My response:

“I participated in my first Komen Race for the Cure in the fall of 2004 to honor my oldest sister, who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer weeks earlier. Since then, my middle sister and I have joined the ranks of breast cancer survivors as well.

I walk not only for ‘The Three Sisters,’ as we like to call ourselves, but for all who face life courageously after a cancer diagnosis.

Looking around at the sea of pink that surrounds me at the event, and hearing the cheers as I cross the finish line reminds me that I am not a victim but a fighter and a contender in my battle against cancer.”

2 thoughts on “Getting My Life Back

    • Yup, they really cut back the Komen pullout section this year, so I feel lucky to have gotten in it. In fact, all of the Oregonian has been cut back! I miss Washington County Weekly. If they ever take out the crossword puzzles and the comics, then they’ve lost me as a customer. 🙂

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