Out of My Life

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve responded to a poetry prompt. Blame it on back-to-school madness, and overzealous volunteer commitments to the schools and to Komen. Today the Poetic Asides prompt was to write about a person. I admit I stretched that a bit, with the following. Still, it is what’s been on my mind lately…

Out of My Life

You entered my life without so much
as a by-your-leave, and proceeded to wreak havoc.
I wish I could say I’m sorry it’s over, but I’m not.
You took and took, until finally I had enough.
I am in a better place now, no thanks to you,
and hope never to meet again. Ah, farewell
cancer, you stealer of hope, you destroyer of lives.


6 thoughts on “Out of My Life

    • Thank you, Marie Elena. I’m sorry to hear about your friends, and hope that they too are winning their battles. Cancer still disrupts far too many lives. One heartening fact though, is that the survival rates for most types of cancer are on the rise, I think due in large part to people being more educated about making good health choices, and better screening and treatment options. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all cancer could be eradicated, once and for all?

  1. You say it’s a stretch, but since you personified it, I say it should could count as a person! In cancer’s case, not a very nice person… I didn’t see what was coming until the end, so you accomplished that effort in the poem. I like the irony of your line, “You took and took, until finally I had enough.” Congratulations on your survival!!!

    I visited you to invite you to take a look at another mathematical poem I posted earlier on Poetic Asides, the person prompt (if you might be interested), and to let you know I have opened up my blog and to ask if it’s ok that I added you to my links. Have a great day!

    • I’m so used to writing letters to cancer as if it were a person (from my writing group), that I think I’ve almost come to believe it– the evil villain of course!

      I will definitely check out your poem. The Race for the Cure activities have taken all my energies this past week, and now I’m ready to focus on poetry again!

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