Poetry Wednesday

There’s some great poetry going on today at Poetic Asides. I guess some prompts just speak to us more than others. The prompt was to write an “emergency poem” and immediately my mind went into flight or fight mode. I was going to tackle something heavy about losing my mother, when I read a couple poems (which I almost never do before I write my own, so I won’t be influenced unduly by them!) which made me smile. And immediately I wrote this. (My husband’s been out of town for a week– can you tell?)

Laundry Emergency

My breakfast untasted,
my email unread,
I knew I should
have stayed safe in bed.

The cats are purring
at my feet—
I know, I know,
they want something to eat.

But I’m sure it’s going
to be that kind of day
when I see my son
has something to say.

There’s tension on his face,
there’s friction in the air,
when he tells me
“Mom, I have nothing to wear”.

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