Betwixt and Between

Well I kinda sorta wrote to prompt this week for Big Tent Poetry. Actually, it’s more like a reprise of last week’s prompt. I liked the haibun form so well I had to do it again! And a  journey, taken frequently in the past, that I’m contemplating taking again soon is an adventure, right?

Betwixt and Between

The first leg of my journey. I feel the familiar sense of anticipation twinged with reservations: Have I forgotten anything? (Have I ever forgotten anything?) Is this the best time to be going? (Is there really any best time?) My side of the bed will be empty tonight— I will be elsewhere. (Is this what death feels like?)

windfall apples—
another one detaches
from the tree

Now I am disassembling. Off comes the jacket, the shoes, my belt, my watch, my keys from my pocket. Out comes my Ziploc bag with miniature bottles of toothpaste and lotions. One by one, they fill up the little plastic bin, then another. I feel myself getting smaller and smaller. Becoming undone.

beneath the outer
layer of onion—
another layer

The green light comes on, the uniformed security guard waves me through. I have passed the test. Been given clearance. I’m on my way. I reconstitute myself. Put back all the pieces. Suitcase. Check. Shoes, belt, watch, jacket, keys. Check. Toothpaste and friends. Back in the suitcase. Ticket, driver’s license. All here. Before I have time to wonder: Do I have time to grab a quick lunch? Where’s my gate? I get swept away in the crowd, heading for Concourse A.

summer afternoon—
the drone of bees
grows louder

Finally we are on the runway, taxiing into position. More clearance given. We roll along, unimpeded now, picking up speed, faster and faster until the wheels lift, the nose of the plane points skyward and with a mighty roar, we are airborne!

higher than
the highest cloud—
the eagle

12 thoughts on “Betwixt and Between

  1. Powerful writing, Cara. I am amazed at what we are doing with the haibuns! My favorite haiku… the last one… I can picture that eagle above the highest cloud! Well done!

  2. You certainly made a familiar journey seem different and the haiku more so. I particularly liked the second prose section. Travel is much more tiresome and much less exotic today, your questioning is understandable!

  3. You take to haibun so effortlessly it seems. Write many of them. Master them. You will not be sorry. Your haiku are real complements to your prose. That means the prose especially is crafted, not just slapped down. I think you know. Your writing in prose right now has to know the haiku which comes next and make room for it. For its part, the haiku needs to stand still and let the prose return.

  4. Beautiful! I love the way your haiku provide not only a pause but a proper aha, before they segue nicely into the next section. Awesomely done, haibun as I imagine it should be (mine feels suddenly very amateur).

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