Human Encounters

The prompt today for Poetic Asides was to write an “other side of the fence” poem, in which we attempt to empathize with “the other person, animal or situation”. I wrote about something that actually happened to me yesterday– I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one was me. 😉

Human Encounters

I can pinpoint the exact moment she spots me—
she immediately freezes—causing me to freeze too.
I can almost read her thoughts: What if he comes at me?
What then?
She looks away, but not before I see
the fear in her eyes. Fear mixed with disgust, like I was
her worst nightmare. Ah, the ways of people!
She makes a great show of crossing to the other side
of the street, instead of just walking on by. Honestly!
As if I was even interested in her. I shake my bushy tail,
and continue my search for the perfect acorn.


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