Fall Back

I can’t resist Wordles, so I just had to have a go at the Big Tent Poetry weekly prompt, even though I’m in the middle of collaboratively writing a renga for the 7 day gong. The words I used from the Wordle (all but two) are listed below, in the comments section. Read other poems inspired by the Wordle prompt here.

Fall Back

Eggplants piled high at the farmers market stall,
their glossy purple sheen belying their bitter insides.
Enter autumn, as if on cue, colorful gourds arrayed
on the mantelpiece; yet autumn is also muddy leaf piles,
plucking green tomatoes from drooping vines,
extracting every last ray of sunlight
before the kiss of winter. Halfway up the staircase,
I hear the cries of wild geese, honking their way
across the sky, and forget what I came for.


17 thoughts on “Fall Back

  1. Being a farmer, I love all the gardening references and also how you capture the bittersweetness of the harvest. The wild geese ending is perfect.

  2. Cara, you coaxed from this Wordle such potent reminders of why Autumn is my favorite season. It’s the earth being put to bed for the long winter to come. And folks wonder why I moved back to upstate NY from Puerto Rico. It was for the weather!

    Just as I read the line about wild geese, guess what flew overhead, honking their bills off? You guessed it! Serendipity. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    • Thanks Mary. We’ve been having the perfect Indian summer here, and I’ve been out in my garden every day this week, so it was very much on my mind when I saw the words. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Leo. My garden was my inspiration. šŸ™‚ Try as I might though, I couldn’t figure out how to work in “doll” and “hook” without sounding unnatural. Ah, the challenge of Wordles!

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