An Autumn Renga

Well, this is the 7th and final day of the Big Tent Poetry gong, and I’m happy to say that thanks to Issa, Alan Summers, vivinfrance, ms pie, Julie Jordan Scott and Lisa Hills, the renga is complete. What a lot of fun! Here it is, in all its glory:

Autumn moon–                                        [Issa]
a small boat
drifting down the tide

memories of summer fading         [Cara Holman]
with the scent of lavender

from V to U                                             [Alan Summers]
a parliament of rooks
shift their flight

an old forgotten pail                              [Cara Holman]
the rustle of maple leaves

first fire of season                                    [vivinfrance]
cheers us at the start of chill
sparks fly in the stove

a six letter word for fate                       [Cara Holman]
she taps her pencil lightly

looking up                                                     [Cara Holman]
from her crossword
the front door slams shut

the crunch of fallen leaves                [ms pie]
a tangle of brown, gold and red

Ninety one degrees                                 [Julie Jordan Scott]
It’s autumn in Bakersfield
(Sunday will cool down)

searching the cloudless sky                 [Cara Holman]
another leaf spirals down

squirrels crisscrossing                         [Cara Holman]
the road
a cache of acorns

I see outlines of maple leaves            [Lisa Hills]
imprinted on the sidewalk

tranquility garden                                    [Cara Holman]
the scratch of a rake
across gravel

the blue sky, the hemlock soil          [Cara Holman]
and everything in between

Wet windy weather                                   [vivinfrance]
while we wonder what to wear
epitome of Autumn

drenching rains pour down on us   [Cara Holman]
the next minute, sunshine

Warmth of the autumn sun                [Lisa Hills]
hummingbirds suckle
at the red bird feeder

windfall apples on the lawn                 [Cara Holman]
the last rays of sunlight

9 thoughts on “An Autumn Renga

  1. It was fun, and I was pleased with the results too, Viv. I think the fact that we live in 3 different countries (4 if you count Issa!) and 2 different states added something to the perspective, that you wouldn’t get with a single author.

  2. Some very poignant imagery here, Cara, et al. I like how you’ve coloured the text in those of autumn too. It sounds like you’ve had great fun coming togther and sharing your love of poetry. Good stuff!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it, Sheila. The funny thing is, when we were writing it, we were having that spell of gorgeous sunny weather, and I just couldn’t imagine wind and rain. Today I can imagine it only too well! If we were writing it this week, I’m sure my stanzas would have come out quite a bit differently. 🙂

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