2010 November PAD- Day 30

Whew! Made it to the finish line. The prompt today is to write a “lessons learned” poem. It was too much fun not to do something with my 30 poem titles. So here, with more nonsense than sense is:

Signing Off

Turning the page to a fresh start
of being present, through the containment
of good cells, gone bad, I’m looking for…
(I forgot). In any case, I am firmly pro-rain,
and agreeing to disagree (in slow motion),
I conclude that  love is what no one wants to know.
Conventional (un)wisdom asks “Why turn back
(the clocks)?” but standing at a crossroads, I realize
as well, the truth of the adage that you can run,
but you can’t hide. Stacking up, tell me why
nothing is lost, that is lost in space. In the end,
it all comes down to a white Thanksgiving, with
a shopper’s lament of taking a stand against calling it
a snow day, as per the rules of the game. After passing
the turkey, alas I succumb to holiday blues. You can
blame the sales, or the fact that Goldilocks speaks out.
Whatever. Anyway, I have a poem to write, so I’ll be
signing off now.



(All 30 titles are in violet.)

2010 November PAD- Day 29

Next to last day of the Poem-a-Day Challenge! I will be very ready to take a breather from writing poetry, and move into editing mode. I haven’t gone back and read any of my Day 1- 28 poems yet, so it will be a surprise (and hopefully a pleasant one!) when I take a look at what I’ve written, starting December 1st. If I have a handful of “keepers” in there, I’ll be very satisfied.

Robert Lee Brewer suggested trying a list poem, to the prompt : write a “next steps” poem. What I decided to try instead was a blitz poem, which I think also qualifies as a list poem of sorts. The blitz poem was even more fun to write than I imagined, once I got the hang of it! I read the rules of the form, took a nice long and invigorating walk while brainstorming what to write, and came home and wrote my poem in a trice. I think what appeals to me is the stream-of-consciousness feel to it. And as an added bonus, and quite unintentionally (or perhaps because I was subliminally influenced by the Big Tent Poetry prompt this week), it also works for that prompt too.


Poem to Write

Make a list
Make a poem
Poem away
Poem all day
Day for writing
Day at a time
Time to spare
Time enough
Enough is enough
Enough is too much
Much ado
Much to do
Do the laundry
Do the dishes
Dishes on the counter
Dishes in the sink
Sink full of suds
Sink or swim
Swim with the sharks
Swim away
Away today
Away somewhere
Somewhere special
Somewhere in time
Time to write
Time to start
Start at the beginning
Start over again
Again and again
Again I write
Write a stanza
Write a line
Line by line
Line at a time
Time for breakfast
Time for a walk
Walk for an hour
Walk in the cold
Cold fingers
Cold toes
Toes and fingers
Toes the line
Line by line
Line at a time
Time doesn’t wait
Time to write
Write a poem
Write a list

2010 November PAD- Day 28

Day 28 of PAD, and I think I’m finally running out of steam! When in doubt, write a limerick. The prompt today is to write a “what really happened” poem.

Goldilocks Speaks Out

Normally I’m as quiet as a mouse
and I stick very close to my house
but I wandered in the wood
and the porridge smelled so good
that my appetite I just couldn’t douse!

2010 November PAD- Day 27

Today’s prompt: Write a poem with the  title “Blame the (blank)”. I did another skeltonic verse. I’ve discovered that there are basically two types of people in this world: those who avoid Black Friday at all costs, and those who can’t resist the sales, crowds and inclement weather notwithstanding. Count me in  the latter group.


Blame the Sales

The name
of the game
is to put the blame
elsewhere, like the call
of the mall
and all
the hype, that made me shop
without stop
‘til I wanted to drop,
but I’ll be back again
tomorrow at ten
‘cause I’ve still got the yen!

2010 November PAD- Day 24

This is the home stretch, for the PAD challenge. Between the snow, and the holiday frenzy, I’m hoping I can find the time to glide right into the finish line. Another bell curve Fibonacci, for the prompt “write a spaces poem”.

Rules of the Game

is to
avoid chutes
and get to the top
climbing all the ladders you can.
The rest of the squares don’t count much,
just spaces that you
must pass through

More 2010 November PAD- Day 23

What a perfect day to try out new poetry forms. Here is a shadorma, a bell curve Fibonacci, and a hay(na)ku.

When Ice is a Vice

Ice is nice,
except when it’s not.
When cars slide
you’d be well
advised to just stay inside
and look from afar.

A Mid-Winter’s Day Snow

go out
in the snow
dress warm, whether it’s
thirty above, or ten below.
Snow and ice might look mighty nice
but I’ll stay indoors
and keep warm
by the

a haiku
or a sneeze?

2010 November PAD- Day 23

Today’s prompt was to write a poem using a poetic form. I’ve already tried my hand at a cascade poem, a triolet, and a rondeau this month. This time, following Robert Lee Brewer’s fun example, I decided to write a skeltonic poem.

Snow Day

They said it might snow
but I didn’t know
what a show
the snow would put on;
starting at dawn
instead of being gone
it got cold and icy
now it seems rather dicey
(and not a bit spicy)
to venture out
and about
a set of chains;
it doesn’t take brains
to be at pains
to take care
if you dare
go out there;
but since there’s no school
why not play it cool
and don’t fool
around with the ice,
just take my advice
and think twice
heading out the door
once more.