2010 November PAD Day 3

PAD Day 3… The prompt today was to write a location poem. The following was inspired by how I spent my morning:

Being Present

The hardest part, he says,
is just showing up.
Like a sleepwalker, I move
through the vinyasas:
Downward Facing Dog to Plank Pose,
Chaturanga to Baby Cobra,
Upward Facing Dog and back again
to Downward Facing Dog…
my body is present, rooted
to my rectangular patch of mat,
while my mind wanders in the clouds
I see through the skylight, wheeling
with the crows, high above
the highest pines. Somewhere
between Crescent Lunge and Warrior II,
his voice calls me back to the room.
The hardest part, he says,
is just showing up.


4 thoughts on “2010 November PAD Day 3

  1. Cara,
    I don’t want to let go of you although you have moved on. When I excersise I am glad not to think of anything. But you are thinking of things. My mind wanders when I meditate like when I pray the rosary and I feel so much better. When I excersise well, my body feels it. I guess it is like praying with your whole body. While moving.
    kbut if you are really listening to him then you are thinking of things. To me if I weren’t thinking and concetrating on the excersisng then I would be worrying. But if you can move so freely from one pose to the next then you have been doing this for some time. Maybe it is too easy and it is getting boring for you. Or maybe this is how you like to relax and have some time for yourself. I like having that special time just for me, to excersise and move. It sounds like you like this time for yourself. Something just for Cara. Bravo.

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