2010 November PAD- Day 13

My poem today is my response to today’s PAD prompt of making the title of the poem a question, and then going on in the poem to address the question. It is also my entry for the WD Poetic Form Challenge: Rondeau. Two birds with one stone… 🙂

Why Turn Back (the Clocks)?

Why turn back the clocks, I say,
there’s still twenty-four hours in a day.
At the setting of the sun,
in spite of the change, the day is done
and darkness descends anyway.

To think we can hold the dark at bay
by adding an hour to a single day
is nonsense, we can’t outwit the sun—
Why turn back?

Shifting the clock only causes dismay,
disrupted sleep is the price we pay,
so let’s face it, winter has begun,
with shorter days, and less hours of sun.
What’s an hour more or less either way—
Why turn back?

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