2010 November PAD- Day 30

Whew! Made it to the finish line. The prompt today is to write a “lessons learned” poem. It was too much fun not to do something with my 30 poem titles. So here, with more nonsense than sense is:

Signing Off

Turning the page to a fresh start
of being present, through the containment
of good cells, gone bad, I’m looking for…
(I forgot). In any case, I am firmly pro-rain,
and agreeing to disagree (in slow motion),
I conclude that  love is what no one wants to know.
Conventional (un)wisdom asks “Why turn back
(the clocks)?” but standing at a crossroads, I realize
as well, the truth of the adage that you can run,
but you can’t hide. Stacking up, tell me why
nothing is lost, that is lost in space. In the end,
it all comes down to a white Thanksgiving, with
a shopper’s lament of taking a stand against calling it
a snow day, as per the rules of the game. After passing
the turkey, alas I succumb to holiday blues. You can
blame the sales, or the fact that Goldilocks speaks out.
Whatever. Anyway, I have a poem to write, so I’ll be
signing off now.



(All 30 titles are in violet.)

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