A River of Stones

After a lovely break from writing (okay, so not strictly a break, but more of a slowdown), I am ready to re-emerge from my self-imposed cocoon and get fired up for my next writing challenge. I learned of Fiona Robyn’s project, A River of Stones from several poetry friends on Facebook, and it sounded intriguing enough to check it up. My general rule is that if one trusted person recommends something, I consider it seriously, if two recommend the same thing, I’m 90% convinced to give it a try, and if a third independently recommends it… well then it’s a go!

The general idea of the “small stones” project is to write a little snippet everyday, based on a moment of awareness. Each of these writing is a “small stone”, which will then be combined with all the other participants’ “small stones”, to create a “river of stones” on a river of stones blog. And the challenge is to create one such writing for each day of January. What a lovely way to ring in the new year! Four days now, and counting…



2 thoughts on “A River of Stones

    • Thanks Marie Elena! It’s a fun idea, if you want to join in. A haiku certainly qualifies as a small stone…

      And I just left a post on FB– it would be great fun to see Poetic Asides friends “on the river”. 🙂

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