100 Things I Like

100 Things I Like

puppies. chocolate. poodles. cats. dahlias. blue skies. warm sunlight.
gentle rain. green shoots. crocuses. irises. daffodils. the color yellow.
books. bookstores. reading. my name. the color pink. spiral notebooks.
owls. candlelight. falling asleep. being awake. yoga. tai chi. stretching.
shiny things. being home. remembering dreams. day dreaming. making
lists. writing poetry. reading poetry. food. family time. vacations.
occasional silence. music. Mozart. Brahms. Paganini. Pachelbel. The Trout.
Simon and Garfunkle. Chad and Jeremy. Distant Shores. the beach. sand.
seashells. polished rocks. memories. free associating. writing. thinking.
doing. planning. carrying out. anticipation. new experiences, in moderation.
the familiar. little things. babies. jellybeans. dobosh torte. eclairs.
macaroons. gugelhupf. sweet things. hot tea. ginger lemon. licorice. spices.
cinnamon. paprika. sweet and sour. music boxes. early spring. rabbits.
milkweed seeds. maple seeds. clouds. snowflakes. snow that doesn’t stick.
trees with leaves. trees without leaves. trees in general. departing geese.
returning geese. fat robins. speckled baby robins. robin eggs. birds nests.
the sky at sunset. the sky at dawn. bayberry candles. flickering light.
fireflies. dragonflies. crickets. stars.


12 thoughts on “100 Things I Like

    • That’s very cool, Elizabeth. I was thinking as I wrote this, how much you could learn about a person, simply by giving them 5 minutes to do a free write of 100 things they like. I imagine that if I sat down again and did this activity, I would come up with a totally different list (although I suspect there would be SOME overlap). This would make another great prompt!

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