December 2010 Recap

Another year! My list of  writing accomplishments  for the month of December:

– My story “Expert Advice” made the final cut to appear in Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Moms in March 2011.

– My poem “Why Turn Back (the Clocks)? made the Top 10 list in the Writer’s Digest Poetic Form Challenge: Rondeau.

– Took 1st place in the Sketchbook Kukai with my “the waiter asks” haiku. Also 5th place for “winter clouds” and 9th place for a second “winter clouds” haiku.

– Had three haiku appear in the November/December Sketchbook “first snow” haiku thread (#1, #20 and #22).

– Took 14th place in the December Shiki Kukai (kigo section) for my “winter sky” haiku, and 16th  in the free form section for my “rings of frost” haiku.

– And finally, I edited and submitted my chapbook for the 2010 Poetic Asides November PAD Chapbook Challenge.

– Time to add more to the pipeline!


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