A River of Stones- 1.18.11

i had forgotten how insanely happy seeing the sun makes me.
i had forgotten how incessant rain seeps into my soul, filling the cracks.


7 thoughts on “A River of Stones- 1.18.11

  1. What an interesting sentiment, but I wonder: while I can see that the sun is necessarily a good thing, I am still unsure about the incessant rain’s ultimate outcome, And does a soul have cracks? I never thought of it that way, but I suppose it does.

  2. You know RJ, I wasn’t really thinking of the rain as good or bad, just generally ubiquitous this time of year, coloring everything I do or think or feel. Impossible to get away from. And I like to imagine the soul as a kind of mosaic, built up from pieces of my life experience. Call it poetic license. 🙂

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